How Posting 2x Per Day on Facebook Generates
1000% Increase in Engagement For This
Real Estate Agent

Written by Kurt Lucien

Over the past several years I’ve worked with small businesses to help them grow their businesses using digital marketing.
When you keep your ear to the ground to digital marketing strategies and techniques as much as I do, you start learning some amazing ways to generate more revenue. 
Today I wanted to share a story that I heard recently. It’s all about a Real Estate Agent who discovered a method that gets 1000% increase in engagement on Facebook business pages) and how they do it month-after-month. 
The crazy part is how what they’re doing is so ridiculously simple, but yet so highly effective. 
They just recently shared with me how they’re doing it. And believe it or not they accidentally discovered what they refer to as the “Posting Model” that works so incredibly well for them (and how well it’s also working for everyone they’ve shared it with). 
Today, I’m going to walk you through the exact model so you can use it in your business. Trust me when I say that this is completely worth implementing in your business, even if you’re not a Real Estate Agent. 
The story behind how this Real Estate Agent discovered the “Posting” model.
This Real Estate Agent told me that they first stumbled onto this method when they were first getting started and were not sure what they were doing.
I’ll let them tell you all about it in their own words:

“Well it all started when I was trying to get my Facebook business page more active, but I knew I just couldn’t post the same old stuff that other Real Estate Agents were posting. I knew about Facebook marketing, but I really didn’t know where to begin. I wasn’t sure what I would post to our clients. I saw plenty of posts coming in from other businesses, but I didn’t want to be like them.”
“Then one day, I saw more of a cartoonish “meme” come in from a business we knew about and thought to ourselves that’s a good idea! It just had a more unique approach and I couldn’t wait to see the next one they were going to post.”
“I didn’t know exactly what I would create, but after some thought I came up with the content I post today. And low and behold within just a short amount of time the phone began to ring. It was a new client that had seen one of my posts from someone else who shared it.” 
“Over the next week or so I continued to receive more inquiries. The person would say that they had recently seen one of my posts and that got them thinking about my business.” 
The Real Estate Agent told me that this brought an additional 8 new clients that month and it averages between 5 and 10 new clients per month when he consistently posts on his Facebook business page. He went on to inform me that it was so effective for him that he had to hire someone to help him out with it because it was just too much to do it all himself, especially with all the additional business.
The Psychology of Why the Model Works so Well.
The crazy thing about posting is that what he puts out never offer any type of deal or discounts or even any type of promotion. They hardly even talk about buying or selling a house like the stuff you see other Real Estate Agents talk about all the time.



He told me that the secret is posting content that people actually are interested in viewing and reading. He always posts about things relevant to Real Estate and it positions him as an expert in his field without detracting from the post itself.
The reason that the posts draw people into his business is quite simple, they act as a great excuse to remind folks that he is there and that he’s a bit different, standing out from the crowd. 
The key here is that people who receive his posts are already fans of his page and they end up sharing them with their friends and family. All he needed to do is send them a subtle and entertaining reminder that he’s still there and ready for them to do business again.
It really doesn’t matter how awesome your business may be, people just have too many day-to-day distractions. The posts are a very neat little way to remind folks that he’s around and that they should come back (without bribing them to do so). 
How to Create and Post the Same Kind of Text and Images that this Real Estate Agent Uses to Drive Business Each Month.
The real trick to creating entertaining posts that your audience will like and share with is posting about something they actually want to read.
But beware, there are two huge mistakes that people make when posting content to their audience and both of them can drastically affect your results. 

Mistake #1: Not posting frequently enough

This is one of the fastest ways to screw up your Facebook business page. The Facebook algorithm rewards those who post frequently and who’s posts get a good amount of engagement.

Mistake #2: Not posting at the right times of the day

To get the absolute most out of your posts you need to be posting at the best times of the day that will gain you the maximum amount of exposure resulting in the highest amount of reach thus creating more engagement.

An Example of the Kind of Post that Works:

An Example of the Kind of Post that Works:

  • It's something that is topical.
  • ​It has actionable information.
  • It's about helping the reader.
  • It's unique and fun.
When you create content like that, people will read it and instantaneously have a “good feeling” about the business.  This then leads them wanting to come back and do business.
How to get the Same Kind of Results Without Having to Wrestle with the Tech or Write and Design any of the Content for Your Posts.
You might be like a lot of our clients that we create content for. You’re a Real Estate Agent that realizes just how profitable it is to frequently post on your Facebook business page to your existing audience, but you don’t have the time and/or desire to do it yourself.
If you’d like to have us do everything for you, just contact us at We can do everything for you for as little as $99 per month and help you get the same kind of benefits that posting content has gotten our other clients. 

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About the Author:
Kurt Lucien is an growth marketing expert and senior advisor at KEMP Group and Associates, responsible for the company’s marketing content offers, such as generating leads through social media marketing.
Kurt and his team continues to work with many local businesses, managing all of their digital marketing needs and jump started the production of Now In Digital Marketing customer case studies. 
Kurt is a regular blogger for Now In Digital Marketing and has contributed to other businesses content marketing success. 

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